Life at Marty Mann House


“I would recommend Marty Mann House to any woman. It has been an incredible and life changing experience.”

The day at Marty Mann House usually begins at 7:30 am.

A typical day starts out like this:

  • 7:30am–large group meditation
  • 8-9am–chores and getting ready for the day
  • 9am-noon–therapeutic group

Special activities during the week include time for:

  • Individual sessions with chaplain on Monday afternoon.
  • Care and concerns group on Tuesday morning
  • One-on-one meetings, off-campus
  • Health realization meeting Wednesday
  • Principals group on Friday morning
  • Three nights a week residents attend outside AA meetings or NA meetings
  • Evenings are also spent doing activities outside of Marty Mann House or visiting with family

Weekends include:

  • Friday night guest dinner where residents can invite a guest (this needs to be requested earlier in the week)
  • Saturday family day and visiting
  • Sunday morning in-house AA meeting for people from the community
  • Sunday night Marty Mann House community group.